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The Swans of Spindrift Lake

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Lynette Dunn

Ben was more interested in birds than in anything, apart from photography. He named and recognised each individual bird. Moonshine, a young swan is envious of others who can swim underwater. In search of a special brown magic feather which can help him, he ventures on a journey alone into the town to no avail. Fortunately, PC James guides Moonshine back to Spindrift Lake and becomes a regular visitor. Watching the birds on the river is a pleasure for many but life is challenging for the birds living there all year round. Furia and Moonshine face the danger of predators and the frozen river, they must be on guard to protect their young and act quickly; can people help them survive? A lonely old man has one goal in mind: to bring life and happiness to his garden with gold. He believes only by chasing a rainbow can he achieve this. Months later, he realises what he truly misses most.The owners of The Dirty Duck need to attract new customers to revive their business. The Higginses have a devious plan, but will they follow through or do they come to their senses and show a little pity?

117 pages


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