Maria And The Ghosts Of Barrengarry

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by Peter Harrold , 360 Pages, 2016
Eleven-year-old Maria wants to have a special talent. She's close to her sister, Lizzie, and at times even likes her younger brother, Bobby. But she's still seeking that outstanding skill that will make her stand out. When her father suggests a last minute trip to the stunning Kangaroo Valley, Maria's initial reluctance soon is forgotten as the mysterious, ancient site might provide her with what she's seeking. When the hair on her arms and the back of her neck start to stand on end, Maria knows something is out of the ordinary. And later, a visitor awakens her with a mysterious tap on the bedroom window. What does the old man want and why is Maria the only one who can see him? Can it be that Maria's real talent is to walk in the spirit world? In his debut novel, Maria and the Ghosts of Barrengarry, Peter Harrold has created a modern family tale with twists, turns and surprises to the very end. Be prepared for adventure, hilarity and a lesson in friendship and family.