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Simon Blunt: The Trainee

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Jeffrey Funnell

Insurance is dull isn't it. Not when you're a broker at Lloyd's. Simon Blunt takes us behind the scenes at that famous establishment and whilst tracking the early days of Simon as a trainee broker we can witness the way insurance deals are negotiated and millions of pounds staked with virtually only a verbal agreement and minimum of paperwork. One such deal goes dramatically wrong when $22.6 million worth of jewellery, en route to a Saudi princess as a wedding present, is stolen only days after Lloyd's had agreed to insure it.  Whilst agreeing immediately to honour its financial commitments Lloyd's sets out to track down the missing jewellery and the thieves. The search becomes even more intense when one of the missing couriers given the task of escorting the jewellery, is found, murdered. Lloyd's, police forces from England and Europe, along with a private security company all cooperate in their endeavours to track down the thieves and murderers. The investigation is meticulous but will their combined efforts be sufficient to track down the perpetrators and the mastermind behind the theft?

244 pages


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